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The Japanese Beetle! for August 11, 2003
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August 12, 2003
I've been neglecting these notes for about a week now - partially because I've been otherwise occupied, and partly because my life is so incredibly dull I don't want to drive you away from the site. But I guess I shoould get with it.

I really like how the second panel turned out in both the Monday and Tuesday strip. Good stuff. I was finishing up the Tuesday strip when I realized I forgot to do the drop-in on the Jaywalker's sandwich board for Monday. So I went back and slotted it in - don't worry if you haven't seen the revised version, 'cause you're not missing anything. Though if you can read what's on the signboard, you may get a pleasant surprise.

And now, the other business. First, thanks to Bob the Angry Flower for the link! If that doesn't drive traffic to this site, nothing will!

If you haven't seen it already, you need to see FLCL. It's a show about a boy who gets hit in the head with a guitar by a strange girl riding a Vespa and so robots start popping out of a hole in his head and trying to destroy the town. It makes more sense when you see it, except that it doesn't. It's on Cartoon Network at midnight.

One last note - my good friend Tom Scioli has a story called "The Seneschal" in the finals of Dark Horse's Strip Search contest. It's good stuff - go and vote for him if you've got a chance!

And, as always, drop by the Message Board and let us know what you think of the strip!

August 14, 2003
Below you'll find the best explanation you're going to get as to why today's strip isn't up remotely on time... That, and I had already scheduled the morning for car shopping. No, I'm not happy about it either. Now back to the drawing board for tomorrow's strip and something more interesting.
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