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The Japanese Beetle! for September 08, 2003
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September 09, 2003
It's the most wonderful time of the year - and by that, I mean football season. Manly violence, cheap beer, Terrible Towels, Myron Cope - there's no downside to football season, unless, of course, you live in Baltimore. And if you do live in Baltimore, I only have one thing to say to you - neener neener neener.

Of course, with the return of football season comes the return of the inimitable Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Dennis Miller wishes he was this funny.

Looking at today's strip, I really wish I hadn't crossed the tails on the dialogue in panels 3 and 4. I should have flopped the relative positions of Ken and Asashi in all the panels. I'd still have crossed tails, but only for one panel. Oh well. Live and learn, die and forget.

Music: Combustible Edison, "Spy vs. Spy"
Book: Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa (The History of a Young Lady)", page 700

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