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The Japanese Beetle! for September 22, 2003
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September 26, 2003
Sigh. Okay, this week should finally be complete. Sorry for the mix-up; I wound up not getting any cartooning done last weekend, when I went down to DC to see my brother Chris perform with Kathleen Madigan at the Improv. Of course, I'll be going down again this weekend to see Comedy Kumite so let's keep our fingers crossed...

One thing that's driving me absolutely crazy are the trailers for Kill Bill. Why would that drive me up the wall, you ask? Well, because I know the movie's not out for another two weeks, during which I have to sit through those gorgeous trailers. This movie is going to kick some serious ass - and for Tarantino I'll even violate my usual policy of not going to see a movie on opening day!

Looking at the statistics for, I notice that there's a huge spike on September 15 - about twenty times the traffic I usually get! Poking through the referers, I found out why - on that day Neil Gaiman linked to Five Card Nancy from his WebJournal. Wow.. Not quite the slashdot effect, but still impressive.

Mood: anxious anticipation
Book: Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa (The History of a Young Lady)", page 1304

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