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The Japanese Beetle! for September 29, 2003
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October 03, 2003
Man, I really do suck, don't I? I was so exhausted when I got back from DC that I wound up just sleeping for sixteen hours afterwards. And that's pretty much the theme for the week - every time I thought I'd catch up, the sleeping bug caught me. Well, at least I've got up to Wednesday up... between tonight and tomorrow I'll have the rest of the week updated, and then it'll be back to regular updates. For real this time (I am knocking on wood as I type this).

Comedy Kumite was a real blast. The eight comedians - Adam Jacobs, Connor Williams, Erin Conroy, Frank Hong, Jared Stern, Larry XL, Mike Ward, and, of course, Chris White - were great, and the format was a nice change from the usual comedy shows I go to. The action saw Chris advance to the final round, where he lost by judge's decision to Erin. (I should point out that I was the judge.) Hopefully chris can put together another Kumite soon - trust me, it really rocked.

Anyway, enough mindless chatter. There aren't enough hours in the day for it. Back to the drawing board.

Mood: exhausted
Book: Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa (The History of a Young Lady)", page 1332

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