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The Japanese Beetle! for October 06, 2003
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October 07, 2003
Continued suckage all around. I'd planned to do some work on the strip yesterday during the day, but wound up glued to my computer for nine solid hours. Which always winds up leaving me exhausted at home. I don't expect to have much time at work today, either.

Mood: still exhausted
Book: Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa (The History of a Young Lady)", page 1402
Music: Ludwig Van Beethoven, "Symphony #6 in F Major (Pastoral)"

October 08, 2003
Another day, another blown deadline. Well, at least I'm playing catch-up with this week now. I should be able to gain some ground if I make a solid, concerted push tonight. Assuming, that is, I don't get distracted by Angel or Enterprise or the fact that the ending of Clarissa is a mere 45 pages off...

Mood: increasingly frustrated
Book: Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa (The History of a Young Lady)", page 1454

October 09, 2003
Well, I got two strips done yesterday, pulling me out of the black pit of despair (if not the gray wastes of tardiness). I think I can keep making 'em at a pretty good clip tonight, so with any luck by Friday we'll be caught up to Thursday.

In other news, I've finally finished Clarissa, the book I've been reading since the middle of August. That's 1,500 pages crammed with tiny, dense type - but it was worth it! I can definitely see why Balzac loved the novel - he and Richardson were definitely operating on the same wavelength.

All this, and Kill Bill tomorrow. It's a good time to be alive!

Mood: psyched
Book: John Grisham, "The Testament", page 102

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