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The Japanese Beetle! for October 13, 2003
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October 13, 2003
There we go, all caught up. Sorry it took so long, folks, but it should be clear sailing from here on out. It's not like I've got anything better to do, since 90% of my free time is spent sitting in the dark, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching reruns of Will & Grace.

Caught a 7:45 showing of Kill Bill on Friday, and man, that movie rocks. I can't understand while people aren't digging this movie - okay, it's not exactly Shakespeare, but as far as action movies go, it's easily the best American action movie I've seen in almost ten years and one of the most strikingly beautiful movies you've seen in any genre. The critics should save their venom for turkeys that actually deserve it, like T3 and The Matrix.

But that's enough from me. After 28 hours of solid cartooning and a heart-wrenching Steelers loss, I really need to sleep. See you in 24.

Mood: tired
Book: Farley Mowat, "Never Cry Wolf", page 110
Music: The Beatles, "Back in the USSR"

October 15, 2003
If you're wondering why "hey, nachos!" is a punchline you're not the only one. It made perfect sense to me last night when I was drawing it, but now that I'm awake and well-rested it's just gibberish to me. Er, wait, not gibberish. Dada, yeah, that's it.

You know, when I started writing in this space one of the things I wanted to do was use it to advocate great comics. However, I haven't done much of that so far, so let's get the ball rolling with one of the best comics I read last year: Michael Kupperman's Snake 'n' Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret.

There's no way to adequately describe this book. The easiest way to describe it is that it's just a collection of Kupperman's cartoons, but it's more than that. It's a collection of pure, distilled surreality, filled with characters like the Black Godfather of the Ants, the Atomic Dandelion ("sings songs of love!") and the titular Snake 'n' Bacon - a hissing snake and a surprisingly verbal piece of bacon. It's got sex blimps and sex holes and Mark Twain and tales of deep irony. Something on each page that will bring your brain to your halt as it tries to comprehend some delicious absurdity. Absurd humor usually doesn't work in such large doses, and it's to Kupperman's credit that the book never becomes stale or confusing. Or at least more confusing that it is at first.

Good luck finding one, though. Amazon's almost sold out, it seems, and I had to special order my copy through Copacetic. I think Bill might still have some left...

Book: Alfred Bester, "The Stars My Destination", page 197
Music: The Beatles, "I am the Walrus"

October 17, 2003
Would have had this strip up earlier, but Thursday night I tried to take a quick nap and wound up taking the sleep of the dead. Got most of it done on Friday, and would have had it up @6:00 but the bus was late. Then, at dinner, I got violently ill (apparently Guinness, fried pickles, corned beef and cabbage, and peppermint ice cream don't mix). It's up now.

On the other hand, if you ever plan on being bulemic, may I recommend a non-stop diet of ice cream? It tastes just as good coming up as it did going down.

Book: Sir Walter Scott, "Ivanhoe", page 70
Music: Avenue Q OST, "The Internet is for Porn"

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