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The Japanese Beetle! for December 15, 2003
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December 17, 2003
"Waluigi sleeps alone tonight."

Hey, I'm back. And I bring strippy goodness with me. I hope everyone else had a good holiday - I know I certainly did. It felt good to have a nice, long break from the daily grind, and it was nice to see all my relatives again. I should have more strips up each day this week, and probably two on New Year's Day. If I really hustle my butt, I might even get caught up, but I don't want to start getting ahead of myself...

Over the holiday, I took to playing Mario Kart: Double Dash with my brother, where we discovered the character in today's icon: Waluigi. What's up with this guy? Wario is at least part of a grand tradition - he's an evil twin. But Waluigi here is the evil twin of a clone. How can he go home at night knowing that he's a second-rate copy of a second-rate copy? It's mind-boggling that he didn't kill himself years ago - and even more impressive that he's managed to channel all that self-loathing into mastering tennis, golf, and kart racing. What a survivor.

Music: Nerf Herder, "Rock City News"

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