The Japanese Beetle!
The Japanese Beetle! for January 19, 2004
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January 19, 2004
Well, it's official - I'll be exhibiting at the Piggsburgh Comicon, April 30th-May 2nd at the Monroeville Expomart. At least, they've cashed my check, so if I don't get a table I'll be very disappointed. Stop by artist's alley and say hi!

If I'm not reason enough to show, maybe one of the other guests will intrest you - guests like Jim Calafiore ("Exiles"), Amanda Conner, Joe Corroney, Ron Frenz ("Spider-Girl"), Marc Hempel ("Sandman: The Kindly Ones"), Greg Horn ("Electra"), Adam Hughes ("Wonder Woman"), Andy Lee, Joseph Michael Linsner ("Dawn"), David Mack ("Kabuki"), Scott McDaniel ("Superman"), Rudy Nebres ("Savage Sword of Conan"), Mike Oeming ("Bastard Samurai"), Jimmy Palmiotti ("The Monolith"), George Perez ("Avengers/JLA"), John Romita Jr. ("Amazing Spider-Man"), Mark Schultz ("Cadillacs and Dinosaurs"), Tom Scioli ("Myth of 8-Opus"), Don Simpson ("Megaton Man"), Beau Smith, Chris Staros, Billy Tucci ("Shi"), Michael Turner ("Superman/Batman"), Mark Waid ("Fantastic Four"), Mark Wheatley ("Hammer of the Gods"), and Bernie Wrightson ("Swamp Thing").

You can read more about the con at their website.

January 21, 2004
Okay. Sorry for the lack of strippage lately. I've been hit by the hammer of work recently. And I'm sure buying The Critic on DVD hasn't helped. Anyway, here are two strips. With any luck I'll have another one up shortly.

Music: They Might Be Giants, "The Famous Polka"

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