The Japanese Beetle!
The Japanese Beetle! for March 08, 2004
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March 12, 2004
Just a reminder - today is the first day that the Japanese Beetle! is hosted at Graphic Smash!

This issue came up on the message board - what happens if I ever have to do a bulk update like the one I did on Sunday? Well, that shouldn't be an issue after this week, but if I ever have to play catch-up, I'll do a double-strip here (two tiers stacked on top of each other) and post them as separate strips on the Graphic Smash site. That way, you miss nothing. You should get two of those this week - and hopefully, after that, never ever again.

New content should start appearing Monday-Friday with no interruptions. No more weekend updates.

The Japanese Beetle and all related characters are copyright ©1998-2004 by Dave "The Knave" White. All rights reserved. Any passing resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead or otherwise, is purely coincidental except when it isn't. Really, we swear. Please don't sue us. Published on line by 741.5 Comics.