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The Japanese Beetle! for May 10, 2004
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May 12, 2004
Yesterday I took a walk in Riverfront Park on my lunch break. As I'm walking along the river, I hear a big splash. I figure it's just a duck, but I decide to check it out anyway. Turns out its striped bass - dozens of them (the Fish & Boat Commission must have just restocked the area). They've swum into a shallow little inlet and they're just sort of horsing around, right under the surface. I sit there for a few minutes, reading and watching the fish. And, just when things really start to get interesting, some shmuck in a speedboat kicks up an enormous wake which clouds the water, and when it finally clears up again they're all gone.

That's Pittsburgh in a nutshell, I think.

Book: Michael Moorcock, "My Experiences in the Third World War" (page 64)
Music: Johnny Rivers, "Secret Agent Man"

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