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The Japanese Beetle! for June 07, 2004
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June 08, 2004
I've been having too much fun inking these plant tendrils in my best Mike Royer imitation. It's not there yet, but it's definitely getting there...

In other news, I've been reading The Essential Spider-Man Volume 6. It's full of... Well, to be blunt, it's full of entirely mediocre comics from the early '70s. Thrill as Spidey fights guys like Hammerhead, the Kangaroo, the Disruptor, and the Tarantula. On the other hand, it also has the first appearance of the Punisher and the death of Gwen Stacy. But reading these stories for the first time in years has given me a new appreciation for just how crappy they are.

For instance, consider the story where Doctor Octopus is going to marry Aunt May. It's a wedding that everyone except Peter Parker seems to have been invited to, and it also hinges on poor, cash-strapped Aunt May inheriting a nuclear reactor. I would start pointing out how stupid the rest of the story is, but the phrase "Aunt May inherits a nuclear reactor" pretty much says it for me.

Music: Beastie Boys, "5-Piece Chicken Dinner"

June 11, 2004
Demo #7 came out on Wednesday, which reminded me that I forgot to plug #6 when it came out. These are interesting issues - the characters make decisions that are problematic, with outcomes that may or may not be for the best. Becky Cloonan's art is, as usual, gorgeous.

Anyway, I hope you like where this story is heading. I thought I knew where it was heading, myself, and then when I drew today's strip it suddenly shot off into a weird new direction. Still cool, though.

Music: Dread Zeppelin, "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

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