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The Japanese Beetle! for June 28, 2004
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June 28, 2004
Um, so my car got rear-ended this weekend. Fortunately, the damage seems to be limited to my bumper. Unfortunately, the Russian guy driving the other card didn't have a driver's license, and probably doesn't have insurance or a registration either. Also, he was probably drunk and could barely speak English even if he had been sober. So it's gonna be a huge headache watching this develop...

Anyway, that's pretty much dominated all of my thinking for the last few days. So if this Monday strip seems pretty week, it's because I'm trying to fight my urges to build a fort out of sofa cushions and spend the rest of my life hiding from crazed Russian motorists.

Which is at least a novel excuse...

Book: Livy, "The History of Rome from its Foundations (Books I-IV)" (page 50)
Music: Ted Nugent, "Terminus Eldorado"

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